Tappen Apothecary

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Tappen Apothecary scented soy candles

Tappen Apothecary is starting out as a small candle making business, with big dreams to expand into many different markets, including skin care, spa essentials and home products. “I aspire to bring top quality, contemporary styled products to the market.” says Jordan Morford. “My goal is to make unique handcrafted products for your home and self so that you can feel like you are not only cozy and comfortable, but also pampered whenever you are using Tappen Apothecary products.” 

“I have put my whole heart into creating the Tappen Apothecary products. I thought that if I could sell enough candles I would be able fund other products like skin care and spa essentials and bring those to the market. I am extremely excited for these upcoming projects.  My goal is for Tappen Apothecary to become a household name known for its high quality handmade products which always keep the environment in mind. Tappen Apothecary is innovative, environmentally conscious, and stylish which separates it from other candle, skincare, spa essential and home product companies. Tappen Apothecary uses Canadian products whenever possible and all of our materials come from Canadian suppliers. “

“I am so excited for the future of Tappen Apothecary and I truly hope that you join me for the journey. “