Sudsy River Soap Works

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After years of talking about moving from the busyness of the lower mainland, in 2014 we made the life changing decision to move to the Shuswap. We fell in love with the Adam’s River and the Shuswap community. We soon discovered we had more time on our hands than expected. Sudsy River Soap Works was establishment in 2019. 

We are a husband and wife team, married more than 20 years. We are best friends and we tend to do everything together. So we started designing soap for specific family members needs and soon started getting requests for our soaps, from friends. 

“It wasn’t long after I discovered that soaping was great de-stresser.” said Tammy. “I love working with clay and charcoal in my soap. This allows me to make 100% natural soap, that looks as great as it smells.” 

With endless possibilities we love coming up with new designs, like our Unicorn soap for kids. This soap is time consuming but so much fun. We have now expand our line to include lotions, balms, face serum, beard oil, lip balm, lip gloss, bath bombs and Epsom salts.