She Shed

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In March of 2020, I was asked a simple question “what do you like to do?” and I honestly, genuinely answered with “I like to take my kids to the beach, I like to take my kids camping,” and I was stopped my friend said “I didn’t ask what you like to do for your kids, I asked what you like to do.”.

In that moment I was really a stranger to myself I didn’t know I’ve been a mom since I was a teenager, over half my life and other than what I genuinely enjoyed doing with my children I never really thought about what I like to do. After about 3 minutes of trying to come up with something all I could come up with was “I like to make things pretty.” 

Shortly after I was asked that question, Covid-19 came to Canada and everybody was out mass buying toilet paper, which made no sense to me!  I went out and bought some seeds and started a garden and I wanted a cedar planter for myself but as a single mom paying somebody else for something that Pinterest made look quite easy, I didn’t see the sense in buying it from someone else. I’ve never used any power tools and definitely had never owned any, but without any knowledge or know-how,  I walked onto a construction site in town and asked for some wood scraps, which they willingly loaded into my car for me, and I purchased my first mitre saw. I made my first planter and it stuck together and I was pretty darn proud of myself! That first planter is the only one I have and simply because it’s not a functional planter there was no way that thing was holding soil. LOL! then I made another one and I was broke when I finished it so I couldn’t fill it with soil so I sold it.  I made another one and sold it. After selling the second one someone suggested that I start a Facebook page and take custom orders and then the “She Shed” was born.

I love custom wood finishing – there’s something extremely calming about sanding and seeing the beauty come out in the wood! I love taking something so natural and bringing out the beauty that hides within it! I love that I am now an artist!!

In just over 17 weeks I have managed to not only discover what I enjoy doing for myself, which I could easily give at least 10 things that I enjoy now without having to think about it. And rather than be a part of the toilet paper shortage , I learnt new skills, produced vegetables for my family, started a successful business and most importantly discovered that I am and artist!

Life is what you make it, so make it a good one!

Monique Cusson