SaS Art

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SaS Art is a mother/daughter team who create handpainted, original and one of a kind wearable art. Susan and Sarah Aylard live in White lake on a beautiful piece of property that inspires the nature and botanical scenes on their creations.  One of Sarah’s first scarves was of a White Lake turtle. This new business started as the creative team ran out of wall space. The duo started attending oil painting classes at Meikle studios and have filled their walls, as well as those of family and friends, with their paintings, and now their focus is on wearable art. The first scarf was created when Sue couldn’t find the perfect kimono style garment at a time when flowy silk garments were just coming into fashion.  She decided if she couldn’t find it, to just make it herself.  Since then the basement has turned into an art studio with frames built out of pvc pipe, furniture moved into the corners and hands that are constantly stained in random colors.  

Each piece is painted on 100% silk so the colors are brilliant and the fabric soft and silky. All designs can be custom so if there is a color pallet you prefer, feel free to contact them to have something designed just for you. SaS Art is their facebook page which they encourage you to visit  to see other pieces.