Jerre Paquette

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Jerreā€™s commitment to photography began while he was living in Hawaii with his wife Carole, although a measure of passion for the art had its roots at his home in Bragg Creek, Alberta.

Jerre Paquette Photography

There, he lived in the Foothills forests at the base of the Rocky Mountains while teaching English, his dominant passion, in Calgary. Those were his days in the darkroom with chemicals and dim light and only a modicum of success. Failure was his teacher. 

Now that he and Carole are retired and living in the forests above Shuswap Lake, his passion has grown and matured into commitment to art; failure, while a permanent companion, no longer is the force that drives him to find and share the beauty around him. 

He lets his photos now speak for him as an artist. Browse his work as he posts it on  and on his Facebook page

And should you desire to see what his art looks like hanging on a wall, visit SAM (Shuswap Artisans Market).