Carmen Knight

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It’s been a few years … about twenty to be exact … since Carmen picked up a crochet hook; but her love for crocheting was eventually rekindled by her daughter’s request for an afghan. The request was perhaps an example of some sibling rivalry, as her daughter pointed out that her younger brother had more afghans than she did. That may have been the result of him taking care of his afghans, Carmen was quick to point out. But the challenge was on, and now Carmen had the time to pick up the stick again and enjoy doing what had brought her so much enjoyment in the past. 

The afghan for her daughter eventually led to requests from her two grandsons to do afghans in their favourite hockey team colours. One afghan led to another, and 16 afghans were completed that year … some for family and friends, and some for relatives from Scotland. As time went on, a close friend of Carmen said “You can do more than just afghans”, and so began her venture into advanced crocheting and a renewed love for crochet projects. She decided to take her skills to the next level and started ‘Stitches in Tyme – Contemporary Crochet’, which led to placing her crochet items for sale in the Shuswap Artisans Market. 

What started as the loving fulfillment of a request from a daughter to her mom, is now a passion that Carmen enjoys every day. 

You can see more of Carmen’s work on her facebook page Stitches in Tyme – Contemporary Crochet