Betty Schriver

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Betty is an artist from Blind Bay who began painting when she moved to the Shuswap a few years ago.  She also is the founder of Art In The Shuswap website which promotes local artists from the area.  Here is what she says about her art.

“I started painting late in my life but I believe my art has been waiting for me.  It’s been inside of me; percolating, standing by, and observing.  Now it finally has its time.  Much of art is about life and your interpretation and perspective.  Living your life fully enables you to capture and understand the feeling and nuances of moments.  You can’t understand the feeling of cold winter day unless you have experienced it.  The way it tightens your skin and tingles your ears.  The cool blue tones in the air and crispness of the sounds around you. All these things are experiences that can be shared in a painting.  Without it, the painting has no real meaning.

So welcome to my art.  It’s been waiting a long time to be shared.  I hope you can not only see it, but feel it.”

You can see more of Betty’s art on Art is original and the copyright of the artist. Photo reference kindly provided for “Chickadee on a Canadian Mitten” by Brenda Catherine.